Going Beyond!

What exactly is Beyond the Loop?
You may be asking yourself that very question, right now.  How can you follow a story up that deals with the end of the world?  The simple truth is, you don't follow it up, you go around it!

Beyond the Loop is a journey into other ancient mysteries that have yet to be explored in The Civilization Loop.  There are so many myths about the past, you could hardly fit them all into one book.  Some of the stories you will see were touched on in the first novel of the Loopingthrutime Trilogy.  Willis October saw many things that even the time team could never have fathomed.  From Jack the Ripper to the Tunguska blast of 1908, October truly had been everywhere...man!

For the first time, you'll see his journey and how history unfolds as a result of his interventions

A Welcome from Author Jason R. Thrift

Welcome to my next big adventure!

Beyond the Loop is the follow up story to my first novel The Civilization Loop published back in September, 2007.  That seems ages ago now!  When I was trying to think of a way to continue the story from where it left off, it was actually my grandmother that helped inspire the next idea.  She described the character of Willis October as having been somewhat vague.  He had history, but it was nothing indepth.  But, luckily for my grandmother, I already had an idea in mind to continue the story by showing the journey that Willis October went on with his cylindrical, baton-like device.  Now, we will all be able to see just where this man, that became myth, began his own legend.


Important facts to remember from The Civilization Loop
Dr. Willis October is from 2997 A.D.
William Strange is the actual name of Willis October
May 5, 2012 is when the time paradox unfolds
An unbelievable power lies at Stonehenge

The time paradox is the result of the K/T Event that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago having never occurred
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The man, the myth, the legend

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