"The Eyes of October"
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When you look into the eyes of this man, what do you see?  A rage; an insurmountable rage against all that has come before him.

Willis October was a man possessed, but not by the devil.  He was possessed by contempt, malice and absolute hate.  He had a bone to pick with the universe and he showed, even in his dying breaths, his defiant will.

But the story didn't end there.  It was no where near complete.  So much about this man was unknown, to practically everyone on the time team and even to the readers that had the insights they did not.  The purpose was clear, but how this man came to be was not.  This one facet of the man known as Willis October was one of the many reasons a sequel story was written.  He had a journey like no other.  This man could literally go anywhere, anytime!  What were some of the things he experienced?  That's what Beyond the Loop is all about!

Jeff Bower's tracking log of "peculiar" anomalies

During the events of The Civilization Loop, Dr. Jeff Bower spent countless hours trying to ascertain the origins of, what he termed, "peculiar" anomalies.  These events were subtle changes in regards to time travel.  The biggest of these events that he and the time team ever encountered dealt with the "shift" in space time, caused by a "rip" in the fabric of space and time itself as a result of the initial start up of the Time Displacement Assimilator, or T.D.A.  But there were other "peculiar" anomalies as well.  The anomalies involved the formation of crop circles that did not correspond with the time team's on "jumps" through time.  To Jeff, it was as if some one, or some thing, were moving in and out of our time with alarming regularity.  Not just in the present either, but even when the team jumped to the past, the anomalies were there.  Examine the list below:

July 2011:  Detected "peculiar" anomaly reading in Northwestern United States, outer reaches of Montana; at the same time there was a detected time displacement within the CONFINES of Area 51, in the personnel quarters.  This should not have been possible, not without severe consequences!  The consequences were severe for one member of the time team, Miss Kelly St. Claire, who was incapacitated by a time displacement of unknown origin.  Data, however was inconclusive as to the cause.  The energy signature of the anomaly registered as something NEVER SEEN BEFORE.  Due to reduced budgetary constraints, an investigation team could not be dispatched to the location in Montana.  However, in viewing news stories on the television there was a reported gas explosion in a home in Northwestern Montana, very near the area of the detected anomaly. --Jeff Bower, Ph D, QM

February 2012:  After the events that transpired with the K/T Event time jump, further research into the cause of the "shift" lead to MASSIVE discrepancies within the frame of reference.  These discrepancies were not a result of our own time travel to the past, but another source.  Data could not be retrieved as to what the discrepancies related to, specifically, but the following dates (some with specific days) showed MARKED interest:

December 1939 A.D.--subsequent connection to 5 May 2012 A.D.

14 December 2007 A.D.--subsequent connection to 1885 A.D., 10,000 B.C., 31 March 2997 A.D. (???),  5 May 2012 A.D.

11 September 2001 A.D.--subsequent connection to 29 August 2005 A.D.

2008 B.C.--subsequent connection to 1888 A.D.

16 July 4067 B.C.--subsequent connection to 11 February 1883 A.D.

566 A.D.--multiple divergent connections to 4 B.C., 17,000 B.C.,  April 1912 A.D., 1908 A.D., 9 August 1945 A.D., October 1997 A.D.

26 January 2012--Time Displacement registered from personnel quarters, specific location Willis October's quarters

This last entry is the only reported location that could have been determined.  I passed all of this information along to Albert once I discovered it.  Our long suspected belief that a "rogue" time traveler of some sort was creating the anomalies that corresponded to the above dates now had minor evidence.  October is a sketchy character to say the least, but doesn't seem altogether bright enough to design his own, portable time device.  However, we are not ruling out any possibilities at this point.  Further investigation will be necessary at a later date.  For now, I will commit no further log entries until the team has reached a point of safety in a more secure location.   We must stop what has transpired from ever happening again.

Now that you know some of the dates, look those up on the internet and determine what major events in the world were transpiring at the time.  You will be shocked to see just where history took this man, that became a myth and turned into a legend!

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