October's Interests

"I'm sure you're wondering why I have called you all here tonight!"

That's just one of many quotes and many things you will either hear, see or experience from Willis October in the story Beyond the Loop.

But you might also be wondering, just what interested October about time in the first place?  We all are curious about the Past and the Future, but this man actually got to experience it far more readily than even the time team of Bobby Peterson.  He lived and breathed in some trying and desperate times.  There are any number of stories out there about time travelers and their experiences.  Some you have seen on The Civilization Loop website.  But there are other adventures you may have never even heard of.  On this page we'll examine some of the things October found interesting about history, with links to various websites where you can learn more about the topics.  We'll also explore some other, little know myths and legends that correspond to time travel, prophecies and just where the origins of civilization might actually have come from.

The origins of the quote above!

You will see this quote in every book I have ever written.  Much the same way that George Lucas has at least one character say the phrase, "I have a bad feeling about this," in either the Star Wars films or even Indiana Jones himself in the recent Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, this line above appears in some form or fashion with its original conception being "I guess you're all wondering why I have called you here tonight?"  There's a reason for this, my dad says it ALL THE TIME!  The origins of this phrase come from when my dad was a child as he read the stories of  King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.  Everytime my dad comes near a round table, anywhere, he'll stop everyone from what they are doing, place his hand down on the table touching  it only with the tips of his fingers and reciting this exact phrase.  I thought it only appropriate to include the phrase in my writing, as homage to my father's eccentricities.  Besides he inspired me to write in the first place!

But, whether or not my dad actually ever read this story, there is a time travel adventure associated with King Arthur.  In 1889 Mark Twain published the novel A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.  The story talks about a man that wakes up in 528 A.D. during the time of Camelot and the rule of King Arthur.  How ironic if that line does in fact make an appearance in that story.  Might be where my dad got it all along.  Go check out the story for yourself!

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

Although that quote above is a favorite of mine, it wasn't a favorite of October's!

The interests of October are as bizarre and mysterious as the man himself.  He dabbled in mysticism, the occult, legends, anything that suggested a way of looking at the world in obscure and different methodologies.  For that reason, it will come as no surprise to you about some of October's interests.  However, some things might catch you off guard.

Time Travel

No surprise here!  October is practically obsessed with time travel in The Civilization Loop.  The likewise is true in Beyond the Loop.  But, October's reasons for traveling through time and the experiences he has go well beyond obsession.  Then man means to make time his oyster and prove that time truly has no meaning and no hold upon him.  The earthly confines of our world around it's celestial life giver provide our concept of time.  But, once you begin violating the laws of physics and propel yourself on a journey that defies reason, time becomes second nature to the grand scope of the universe.  That's the one thing October wants to find, the true meaning of existence.  Unlike Bobby Peterson though, October means to exploit it!  Check out some other interesting facts about the possibilities of time travel by clicking the image.
Adolf Hitler

October's obsession with time was only exceeded by his devotion to one of the darkest periods in human history.  He studied Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich immensely, making this World War II era Nationalist Party a prime stopping point along his journey.  His misconstrued beliefs about Hitler prompted him to deduce that the Fuehrer listened too much to his subordinates.  Nothing could have been further from the truth, but how do you rationalize something with a mad man?  Click the image to learn more about Hitler and his unspeakable Holocaust against the Jews, that ultimately would have been turned against the entire world.

Jack the Ripper

No one truly knows who this man was or why he chose to do what he did.  But, October's indulgence in historical misadventures could not leave out the most intriguing murder mystery of all time.  At least five victims were slain in the streets of London's Whitechapel district in 1888 as The Ripper's torrid campaign waged.  But as quickly as the killings began, they also stopped abruptly.  There is no reason as to why the killings stopped or even why the alleged murderer suddenly disappeared, seemingly from existence.  Perhaps you can find out by clicking the image.

You can also check out this link to further investigate the Ripper slayings.

More Great Myths and Legends

October himself became a great myth by the end of The Civilization Loop.  However, October was anything but the greatest myth or legend ever created.  Many others far exceed this rogue time traveler.  Was there ever a great flood?  When was the birth of Christ?  Was there a conspiracy during the September 11th terrorist attacks?  Just what does the Mayan Calendar truly say about how our world might end?  Will Christ return as many Christians believe?

Just as with the above references, you can explore the other myths and legends of history to decipher for yourselves what ancient peoples might have been trying to tell us and just what that could mean for the future of our civilization.

Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark. Possibly one of the greatest myths ever conceived, but could it have actually happened?  For thousands of years researchers and scholars alike have been looking for the proclaimed ship that carried the salvation of humanity, as well as all life, within its decks.  From Ararat to the Black Sea, to even the Himalayan Mountains, the search is on and will continue for as long as man can imagine such a grandiose feat that may be the key to not only preserving our past, but also saving our future. Click on the image to the left to learn more about the ancient legend.  You can also learn about endeavors to find Noah's Ark from the following links:  
The Search for Noah's Ark and
Noah's Ark Search.
World Trade Center Attacks
September 11, 2001.  The worst terrorist attack in United States history.  On this day nearly three thousand American civilians, New York police officers and firefighters lost their lives at the hands of al-Qaeda.  Or did they?  Just as with the John F. Kennedy Assassination of 1963, conspiracy theories abound with this tale of epic tragedy, heroic deeds, human surrealism, and a country's determination to overcome.  Although conspiracies maybe considered fun fodder to pursue, these theories can only serve to diminish the plight of those who lost loved ones that day if we allow ourselves to become too enamored with them.  So always remember the truth of what happened that day, no matter how much you love to indulge in creative flights of fancy.

See the truth of 9/11 by clicking the image to the left.  See the theories and stories at the links below:
Loose Change
World Trade Center
United Airlines Flight 93
Flight 93
The Nativity Story
Three Wise Men come from the East.  A baby sleeps in a manger.  A star never seen before or again in human history reveals the location of the Messiah.  A virgin gives birth to a King in waiting.  A terrible event ensues to preserve a kingdom.  This is the story of the Nativity.  Although it is celebrated by Christians every December 25th, no one knows exactly what day or in what year it may have occurred.  Were the circumstances real?  Did Herod really order his men to kill so many children?  Where did the "Wise Men" come from and how did they know to proceed to Bethlehem?  What was the star of Bethlehem?  Search for the answers by starting with the image to the left and see if you can figure out that which so many have been debating for the past 2,000 years.
The Mayan Calendar
December 21, 2012.  Will this become another date that will live in infamy, or just another day leading up to Christmas that year?  Scholars and archeologists alike are unclear as to why the Mayan Calendar seems to emphasize this date.  Astronomers cite a rare Galactic Alignment will occur that day, which only occurs once every 13,000 years.  Some interpreters and prognosticators proclaim a day of great awakening or ultimate destruction for humanity.   But no matter what you believe, the year 2012 has captivated the world today and there's no end to the possibilities that could potentially unfold until we all travel into the future and experience the day firsthand.

Click on the link with the image to see the phenomenon and explore it further with the links below:
December 21, 2012
2012 Calendar
The Tzolkin
The Second Coming
Christians refer to it as "The Rapture", "The Great Tribulation", "The End of Days."  To believe in Christ means you have an inherent belief in the prophecy that He will one day return.  But just what are the signs of that coming?  Who will experience it?  Will there ever be a true Antichrist?  Is Satan powerful enough to bring the world to the brink of ultimate destruction?  Or has all of this already unfolded?  Are we living in the "End Times" or is The Book of Revelation a complete folly of metaphors that only comes to an end when a human being reaches their ultimate fate?  Search for yourselves.

All About Jesus Christ
All about God
W.B. Yeats-The Second Coming
Left Behind
Armageddon Online
It's the end of the world as we know it...again
A look at cinema's depictions of the post-apocalyptic world

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