Dr. Willis October

If you’ve never read The Civilization Loop you might be shocked to find out that there are actually TWO people going by the name of Willis October.

One is William Strange; the ex-marine turned lunatic that decided fate should be only of his own making.

The other is the scientist going by the name Dr. Willis Mikhail October, the true Willis October.

Dr. October, Willis as he likes to be called (because he never cared much for the name October), is the inventor of the time traveling, baton-like device used by William Strange throughout the story The Civilization Loop.  It is revealed in that story that William Strange stole both the time travel device from Willis and he even stole the man’s name, forever becoming the nefarious October.  However, Willis created this time traveling device in the year 2997 A.D.  William Strange lived in the year 2007 A.D.  Almost one thousand years of time separate these two men, so how then did they meet so this exchange could occur?

Well, it’s a time travel device, so the how should be simple there.  But what were the circumstances that led Willis to William once they were both in 2007 A.D., you’ll have to read the book for that one.

With Beyond the Loop set to delve deeper into the origins of October, it seemed only fitting to elaborate further on the scientist that made it all possible.  So here’s a little information about Dr. Willis Mikhail October:

Birth Date:

March 4, 2008 A.D.


Mother:  Alexis Judith Von Willis, German Father:  Mikhail Bohdan October, Ukrainian

Birth Place:

Kiev, Ukraine


Willis grew up the only child of Alexis and Mikhail October.  At a very young age, Willis was captivated by the events of the time travel experiments conducted by Dr. Robert Peterson and his time team in the United States.  For this reason, Willis excelled at mathematics and science courses throughout school.  His family was forced to relocate to Berlin, Germany after an assault on Kiev left the city partially in ruins during the three day assault of the Mabusin Jihad in the Ukraine, in 2016.  There Willis graduated with honors and was encouraged by his parents to study abroad in the United States, where the Mabusin Jihad  was not yet in full swing.  Europe was only beginning to feel the effects of  Jihad and Willis' family felt he would be safer studying in the U.S.  Willis was accepted to Cal Tech, then later transferred to the University of California  majoring in Nuclear Physics, with a minor in Theoretical Physics and Engineering.  At Willis' commencement in 2030, he had the honor of being the final class that Dr. Robert Peterson addressed at graduation.  He was able to shake the hand of the man that had made time travel possible.  After graduation, Willis returned to Germany after a terrorist attack on Berlin left his father deceased and his mother in critical condition.  She eventually recovered and Willis remained in Germany to care for his now disabled mother, as well as pursue a doctorate in Quantum Physics at the University of Gottingen.  Shortly after Willis' dissertation was complete, his mother died.  Willis remained in Germany continuing his studies and research into the theoretical dynamics of time displacement before being drafted into Billem Haman's Fourth Reich as a consultant on time travel in 2055.  Willis never officially joined the Fourth Reich, but was a well respected man by Billem Haman, who often requested Willis' opinion on issues openly.  However, Haman never took Willis' advice on any projects or political agendas.


Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Physics, University of California, 2030.  Minor:  Theoretical Physics, Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy in Quantum Physics, University of Gottingen, 2038


National Honor Society of Germany, 2026
Rhodes Scholar, 2030
Foreign Member of the Royal Society, 2050
Enrico Fermi  Award, 2055
Dictatorship at Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton University, 2068
Nobel Prize recipient for Physics, 2070
Planetary State Union Golden Medallion recipient for Quantum Mechanics, 2071
Planetary State Union Secretary of Energy, Physics and Engineering, 2071
Technical Advisor to Grand Kiser Billem Haman on Theoretical Physics, Weapons Design and Population Control, 2072 (summarily dismissed due to conflicts of interest)



European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)

American Nuclear Society

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Planetary State Union Commission on Nuclear Regulation (formerly Nuclear Regulatory Commission)

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